Attractions in Death Valley

Amargosa Opera House And Hotel
This opera house opened in 1968, and this year began a long journey of renovations and hard work by the owner. Marta saw potential in the opera house and made it a live-theater attraction. Amargosa is a must-see spot near Death Valley for its historical relevance and charming location in Death Valley Junction. You may be lucky enough to see a show here too.

Goldwell Open Air Museum
This attraction is open all of the time, and anyone can stop by and visit. Massive sculptures decorate the open-air museum, and visitors are free to explore and photograph the monuments that are here. In contrast with the huge Mojave desert, these sculptures are tiny in size. In contrast with humans, they are massive. This museum gives a unique perspective and is a unique attraction near Death Valley.

This attraction is the lowest official point in North America. This tiny salt pond is the focal point of the Badwater attraction. Tourists flock here to say that they have visited the lowest sea-level point in North America. Visitors should go in the evening or early morning to avoid the scorching and painful heat of Death Valley. It's an excellent place to view sunset and sunrise.

Dante's View
Every photographer needs to stop at this attraction. You get a panoramic view of the west park. This is an excellent spot for a picnic, watching the sunrise or watching the sunset. Dante's View is a must-see attraction in Death Valley before heading to other areas of the park.

Scotty's Castle
This castle is a bit of a shocker once you see it. You would never expect a large castle to be placed in the middle of the desert. Built by the famous wild-west huckster Walter Scott, this castle is a must-see attraction while going through Death Valley. The tour of the castle and history here is worth seeing at least once. It's great for families, couples or even lone travelers. It's never too crowded. You can relax and enjoy all of the scenery and architectural genius.

Ubehebe Crater
This crater was made by a volcano exploding. It's massive size and colorful formations tempt hikers, but it is not generally safe to hike without ample water and a plan in mind. Ubehebe is close to Scotty's Castle, so visitors can make their way from the castle to the crater. It is best to go in the early morning or evening. Mid-day visitors will have to put up with the scorching temperatures. Small children should be closely monitored.